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DASAI BTS & The Future

DASAI BTS & The Future

Dasai's Inspiration and Beginnings

When I first started Dasai my intentions were to create a brand that was different to the thousands out there in the automotive industry. I have always loved the look of lights and sounds on cars so why not enhance that experience. The ETC I had in my rental during my time in Japan is what inspired the Small Passenger, the Mecha Heart was just kind of a weird idea I had to put in my car and I figured some might like it too.

Although I started Dasai based around the Small Passenger, I have always wanted to figure out how to make Dasai more than just an automotive brand that sells a few products. I wanted to have multiple designs for the business and multiple looks to the brand. Now that Dasai is established as a brand although still small I am working on refining the Small Passenger into a better product, making the Mecha Heart and Mochi more developed and professional whilst trying to expand the business towards more customers and followers. Therefore, I have been designing and developing more decals, higher quality products and some different things for all of you that wish to support Dasai.

Solo Ownership is 10x more work behind the scenes

Many of you see the surface of all the Instagram brands you follow but you do not see the hard work and strategy put in place every week. For example, OVRDUE’s steering wheel release was months and months of dedicated team members designing multiple artworks and designs as well as lots of structural testing and product development in order to get one of the nicest steering wheels in the market to you all. Every brand that I see operating through Instagram I never knew how much work it was to develop the business and grow in the background. Growing is just as hard if not harder than starting in my opinion.

I like being transparent with you all about what it is like operating a small business and how owners go with making sure everything is on track and making sure you are progressing because many of you also want to be business owners and ditch that job. It is a lot of work; I wake up and start ‘working’ and stop when I go to bed but my ‘work’ does not feel like work. I am either manufacturing the Small Passengers and Hearts during the day, fulfilling orders, going through messages and emails or communicating with designers and manufacturers for new products during the days. When I have some spare time, I am designing new decals and products, coming up with some new concepts for the brand or just working on the website and business image. This sounds like work but when I am sitting at my desk listening to music designing new dumb sticker ideas that say “Assai” instead of “Dasai” It does not feel like work xD.

The Dasai Mindset and My Future Movements

I have wanted Dasai to be more than an automotive brand and more of a brand for everyone. My perspective is that everyone in the automotive hobby love many things about it. But we also love a break from it every now and then. I get sick of seeing cars over and over again on my Instagram feed and often times I just need to take a few hours to be away from anything that has to do with an engine and I am sure many of you can relate and some of you cannot because you drink E85 for breakfast. Because of this mindset I am now looking at expanding Dasai into some more lifestyle aspects for those of you that also sometimes need a break from cars. Dasai is a lifestyle concept of just being lame and uncool if you want to be. Not caring because you don’t need to care about what others think especially in the car community. Many mocked the Small Passenger when it released and many still do today. The product is not for everyone, but it is not meant to be for everyone. I have seen thousands of builds many from you guys that share your journeys with me. And they are all super unique, your build is your expression through your car and that is something that many will love and many will hate.

Right now I am working on quality clothing designs to push Dasai from Talking Japanese Box Brand towards a more rounded brand for those who like the idea of my products but are interested in more lifestyle products! My first step is that I am in the middle of developing a bunch of initial release clothing designs that will be available very soon for you all and I wanted to create this article to let you all in on what is going on behind the scenes! This will be the first step to me expanding Dasai towards a better and nicer business and I cannot wait to grow with you all.

Also… I just hit 10k followers so I want to thank you all for your support so far you are all honestly the most supportive people so thank you for driving me to create more and progress with Dasai.

~ Remy

 Also here is a sneak peek at ONE of the designs coming out, Sakura ! 

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Remy you are the man!
Really love how much this brand has grown and your mindset is where I want mine to be! I hope someday to be in similar shoes creating my own lifestyle brand around cars. Look forward to where this brand will go and especially look forward for my future in the world of small businesses.
Take it easy but keep up the hard work!


Must say I absolutely love all the insight that you give into the behind the scenes world of running your business. It’s also great to see the progression of DASAI and the way in which you want to expand it. Really look forward to what the future holds for DASAI and the products you release, I love it car related or not.

PS I will also be stealing a lot of your business models/ideas that you put forward XD. They really are so very helpful and inspiring.

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