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Must Have Accessories For Your Car

Must Have Accessories For Your Car

Accessorising your car is the best way to make it your own and make it unique. No one should be building a car to meet someone else’s validation. From clean specification to 90s inspired, this is going to be a small list of a few accessories I personally love to see on Japanese builds!


1. A Tsurikawa! ($20USD) has a huge range of tsurikawas from any colour and style you could possibly think of. I had my own on my NA MX5 hanging from the back of my bumper, I had so many people yelling at me telling me something is falling off the back of my car ^_^

jdmtsurikawa isn’t the only Tsurikawa brand but I personally think they are the best! For roughly $20USD you can have your own that will last years. (Mine was black strap with a red handle) Can’t wait to get another!

2. Ovrdue Suupa Star Pack ($45USD)

Ovrdue is one of my favourite brands because of their style and their themes of old fashion yet new designs.

Ovrdue’s star pack is a cool jump back into decals and old school need for speed spec customisation. At first I was sceptical but the star pack has really grown on me because of the way they have made the pack individual stars so you can put them anywhere you want! 

I have seen a few people with the star pack on their cars and I am excited to see more around! I think this accessory is one that can really change the look of your car.

3. Susweeb Triple Layer Diecut ($14USD)

Susweeb is one of my biggest inspirations in this industry for how hard we works and hustles with his brand. He has recently been working on a series of triple layered die cuts that truly look like more than a sticker. 

Susweeb has turned a simple diecut into a really aesthetic artwork for a pretty cheap price. I haven’t got mine yet but plan on getting the next triple layer diecut he releases!

Versions 1, 2 and 3 have all been amazing designs with reflective materials and really bright colours. Definitely a must have on your window so make some space for the next triple layer release!

4. Garage Moon Power Floor Mats ($77USD) sells a huge variety of floor mats with universal fitment. These floor mats look amazing and the different mats and colours fit any build and style you’re looking for in your car. 

I think Garage Moon Power has the best looking floor mats in the industry and I love the retro patterns they sell and design as well as their other apparel and stickers. I think this is a really unique eye catcher for your car!

5. apparel & air fresheners

The entire is a must have. The hoodies, pillow covers, pyjamas, stickers and air fresheners in the store are all cute ass designs of everything and anything you can think of. is constantly updating her store with unique designs and products that I have not seen anywhere else. I have a Kirby air freshener of my own to match my little Kirby figure. Infamous is constantly working on updating and progressing their brand and is always looking at making products that everyone loves. If you don’t already, you should have a pair of strawberry S14 shorts on while you’re looking at all the car parts you’ll hopefully buy one day!

I think these 5 things are really cool and unique accessories to look at and get for you car. These brands are also ones to keep your eye on for amazing new products! 

Cover photo by: @jdmtsurikawa 💕

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