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An Introduction.


Firstly. I am going to start by saying this is not a story or a motivational article. This is a guide that includes information that I encourage you to listen to and disagree with. Form your own models, ideas and concepts because what works for me does not necessarily work for you. I want people to give me feedback saying Remy you were wrong here because your dumb ass told me to do this and I did the opposite and it worked so…

YES! That is what I want you to do!

If my incorrect concept formed a correct concept for you then that is your brain working much better than mine which means guess where you are going to end up. (Ahead of me)

So as a formal introduction my name is Remy, I own a few businesses here and there, I try to invest some of my money and obviously sometimes I spend it on dumb shit, but we don’t need to talk about that here. This is a guide to how you can turn your automotive passion into a lifestyle that you can really live and breathe. I know this is a very niche audience to be targeting with this guide, but I also know that some of you literally love your cars and hate everything else. Wouldn’t it be a dream if you can relax in your warehouse, skyline up on the hoist behind you while you are working on your own thing and loving every second of it. Some of you may wish to have a McLaren 570 in the garage of your city view apartment and some of you simply want to hang out with your friends all day and play games, work on your cars and eat. Each dream is achievable for every one of you and this guide will cover both of those realities.

I get a lot of people asking me what drove me to start my own businesses and take up this sketchy yet insane lifestyle. Honestly, it is hard to answer if I am talking to the wrong person. Many older generations believe in the segregation of your work life and your personal life. I do not want to spend half of my life just trying to afford the other half personally. I would rather combine them both and live my life on my own terms making money doing what I love. The phrase “if you love what you are doing you will never work a day in your life” is a classic cringey grandpa phrase but it is true. If I wake up at 8am and start my day by replying to comments on Dasai then technically, talking to friends and supporters about new exciting projects and hearing about your lives is me working. I am literally working while talking to supporters and friends. Does that sound like work?

My days consist of working on my businesses and it is a lot of work so do not think this is going to be a guide to making 1 million dollars quick and easy because if it was quick and easy everyone would be doing it. I am often working from when I wake up till I go to sleep. This sounds like a grueling practice but this consists of designing new products, organizing collaborations with other brands, talking to other brand owners about new ideas and concepts, communicating with supporters and customers, ordering in parts and products, making designs for social media and constantly thinking ‘What is next’. That is a sneak peak into a normal day excluding a lot of boring stuff and many other aspects that are behind the scenes of the pretty looking outer shell that is running a business. I can tell you the boring details later in the guide but for this introduction I will motivate you with this. I wake up whenever I want, I go eat whenever I want, I go on holidays and trips with my partner, friends and family whenever I want, I go to bed whenever I want and if I am feeling extra cheeky, I will just take a few days off and play COD from dusk till dawn. This is my lifestyle; it’s not driving a Lamborghini in Miami for 4 days because personally I am not interested in a three-thousand-dollar rental hyper car and a bill of six hundred dollars for a few drinks. In my eyes, if I have a comfortable home I love, a car or cars I love, a happy life, friends and family and my beautiful partner by my side I am content. And this is not the kind of guide that will flaunt how good I am because many of you that read this information and practice it will triple my success and for me to be able to plant that seed is motivation for me to keep typing.

You live and breathe cars and wish you could live off your passion? Surprise. You can.








Where The F*ck Do I Start?


So, if you read that introduction you might be fired up ready to go or skipped it to the first chapter and are ready to learn. If you skipped, I forgive you.  Remy I am so ready to earn some money and live the life I want full of happiness so let’s go! How do I go. What do I even do? Where the f*ck do I start?

Alright calm down let’s clear the brain and sort out a short list of things you need to do before you even think about buying your first 2020 Supra cash.

  1. What kind of business do you want to start?
  2. Do you want to have a ‘culture brand’ or a business?
  3. Do you want to make the money or make the difference?
  4. Clothing? Car Parts? Accessories? Wheels!? Culture merchandise?

This list is what went through my head before starting and it destroyed my brain tissue stressing over what I wanted to do and sell and how I was going to do it and oh my god I give up this is too hard… it is not that hard it is just a lot to figure out for your first week of business.

So, lets focus in on those of you who wish to start a brand or business that is associated with the automotive industry. That is a good beginning statement.

If you are on Instagram as an automotive enthusiast you have probably heard of a few merchandise based brands that run off Facebook, Instagram, and an online store. I like to call these ‘Culture Brands’. This term refers to the brands that sell car accessories, parts and merchandise to supporters from stickers to steering wheels. This is a common area that many people like to start, and I recommend starting here if you are interested in this kind of community. The reason I recommend this brand style is due to minimal upfront cost and minimal experience to start.

Dasai started with 0 dollars and 1 preorder that sold 10 Small Passengers, I was so excited to sell 10 Small Passengers in an hour.

Now this does not mean you HAVE to start a brand selling the same stickers and flight tags as everyone else. I think the community is incredibly supportive and your ‘competition’ will often end up messaging you and helping you evolve yourself and your brand to a place you want it to be.

Once you have your industry and brand type locked down now think about your brand, identity, product/s and what you want out of your business.

The most important piece of advice I could give you out of all this information is this.

If you do not like what you are doing or selling, you will crash and burn.

This sentence is absolute law in my opinion. Whatever business you want to start you will be working on it for days and weeks and months and if you do not like what you are doing you will give up and you will 100% fail.

I have tried this and after 3 weeks of having a brand and products that I am not passionate about I gave it up and deleted everything because I was sick of it. Find something you love and turn it into an income source.

So, let us create an example scenario that will help you come up with your concept.

A clothing brand that is focused on a darker, edgier vibe. Just an example!

Lets just call it 666 because I do not want to accidentally take someone’s name.

Now this brand does not necessarily need to be car based it can just be a streetwear brand so do not think everything I say has to be associated with cars.

Your new brand, “666”

Create a logo. Use a website called CANVA.COM to design it if you do not have a lot of illustrator or photoshop experience. This is a completely free website where you can easily design a lot of different things for your brand.

“666” now has a name and a logo. Now you open your Instagram account and make your first post, I recommend starting your Instagram before you start your business because personally, I see it as a motivational tool, it is a blank canvas that you need to fill with your own content. If you are creating things without a brand established online, then you do not have something to fill just yet but that is just my mentality. 

Now “666” has a name, logo, and an Instagram account with a post and a few followers. Do not buy followers. It is not worth it, supporters don’t care about your follower count they care about the content you produce, your story and your products.

Next question is what kind of product/s do you want to create?

Hopefully, you have an idea or two in your head at this point, maybe a hoodie or decals? Something simple to start and create. Here is another piece of advice that will get you over that initial make or break for your business.

When your brand is new, you have no reputation. When it comes to designs and products, aim for an appealing design and a nice-looking product over your branding over certain items. No one would buy a jumper/sticker with the word “supreme” on it if supreme was a brand with no reputation.

This short paragraph is a Remy special and will really help you when it comes to your first startup period. If you start “666” and I see your product and it has an Uzi shooting out flaming bullets into a Silvia I am going to click on that and click buy straight away. If I see a jumper that has a small embroidered “666” on the left breast I am not going to buy it if I do not already know and support your brand.

For the steps of designing, I would suggest going back to and designing something that you really like and would use yourself. If you are hopeless at designing head over to and pay a freelance artist to design something for you. Once you have your design, go to and create your first piece of clothing through that website. Printful creates clothing with your custom designs with no MOQ (minimum order quantity) which you will come to learn is a very annoying thing. This means you can create one design and print it on one hoodie and ship that hoodie straight to your front door for the cost of one hoodie. If you are creating decals or stickers I suggest googling sticker printers near you or go on Instagram and hunt down some independent people that print.

Now you have a brand “666” with a logo, an Instagram with a few more followers and your first product! Congratulations on making it further than 70% of all other business owners. You have built the foundation that is your brand, online presence, and a product.

If your business idea does not require a lot of branding but most of your juice is in your designed product then you are able to not worry about the grueling start that is “clothing”. If your product speaks for itself then you are lucky enough to have some slack on your branding and brand design. Sourcing car parts or creating body kits or manufacturing parts is a business that speaks product first then brand later. The key focus for these areas is quality, especially in the automotive industry where your make or break as a brand is whether your parts are what people try to buy or try to avoid and a first impression counts. Take the time for research and development and document your whole process because that is free Instagram posting and marketing to every new follower that is interested in your ideas.

Now. Take it to the next step, copy this process 5 more times, you will then have a small catalogue of products. You are now 10 steps ahead of everyone else that has given up on the first product because they tried to sell one jumper with a brand logo on the front. This is a start and only just the start. Let’s say it has taken you a week to do all this, depending on your commitment and spare time it may take you a few days or a few weeks, but I would say if you were really ready then the above process should take you no more than a week. You need to post everything you have 5 times a day at least. Shout your brand and your message into everyone’s ears around you and if they do not want to hear it say I don’t care fuck you this is cool.

If you have the barrier of being worried about what others will say about you or your brand, then you have already lost and you need to lose that fear straight away. You may see someone zoom past you in his supercar and you think he’s an asshole, but do you think he cares about what you’re thinking? Be that asshole in the supercar and zoom around people and make sure to do 2 laps around the ones that don’t like you. If this is what you want to pursue others thoughts shouldn’t be your concern especially if they are strangers on the internet at first. Some people will like what you are doing and people won’t that’s just how it works.

So, let’s do a quick recap for the Where the F*ck do I Start Chapter. I really recommend you go back up and highlight or draw on the key points and information that will help your progress. Your brand name, logo, figuring out what you are selling and figuring out how to make that thing. It is difficult to cater to you reading this whether you want to start a clothing company or build custom fabricated parts there is a wide niche to attract. Either side of the spectrum you are on all the above principals will work with the “Start” part of your business. If you are a complete business virgin then you will need to build up intellectual foundations regarding manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, packaging, fulfilling and every little thing in between that is your responsibility as a business owner and the more complicated your product is the harder it will be to perfect and release to the world. All of this knowledge is on, please I beg of you don’t get sucked into a guru program or something you see on TikTok that is guaranteeing you 1 million dollars in 1 month because you will lose the $300 you spent on the course and the idiot that sold it to you just suckered you in. Google anything and everything and just read whatever you can, turn the curiosity into an obsession and you will find yourself wanting to stop playing COD at 10pm with the boys and start reading about marketing a product through Instagram. Trust me it happens and its scary.


This is the beginning of the article I am producing currently, it is a big one and some of you will enjoy the read and hopefully start something you’ve always wanted to start because of it. I have released this on my articles page so people can get a taster and give me feedback on what I am saying that is right or wrong or if everything above is nonsense and you hate it. Thank you for the feedback and love so far. <3 <3



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