Starting Your Automotive Brand

Starting Your Automotive Brand

I’ve had many messages from you guys asking about how I started Dasai and how to start your own brand! So I will make a little part 1 to outline initial steps to start of your new business!

First and foremost you need a name, brand, logo and some cool graphics. People are attracted to a story or theme so find one that really grabs you and others will follow! Once you have these make your Instagram page and start posting all the time! By all the time I mean literally every second possible, the more you post the more exposure you will get.

If you are selling decals and stickers then you can make some designs or get some made by freelance artists. Have a look on Fiverr for artists and graphic designers if you don’t want to or can’t design your own graphics.

The next step will be printing your designs which is exciting!

Find a printing company in your area, you can google a company near you or look at good designers/printers online, I use deathclique (he is in Australia) as the owner is so friendly and helpful and is very good at printing graphics. I could not recommend him enough! You can try out other designers/printers such as shwainc to help you out.

My personal favourite artists in the automotive scene are,, shwainc and!

After all of these things are set up you will want to make a website, for beginners I recommend bigcartel, once your brand starts picking up I suggest moving to Shopify for analytics and better resources and opportunities within the software. Setting up your own theme, payments, website navigation and settings is all up to personal preference and at the beginning stages using your local postal service to send off orders is suffice!

I hope this small part 1 can help some of you start off your passion and business! This guide is very generalised so I can keep this as a small guide but if you are interested feel free to message me or comment and I will make a more in depth guide soon!

I would love to know how you are doing and where you are up to in your own brand. Thanks for reading! 

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Sumit Mahi

Sumit Mahi

I have read all of your articles and really appreciate your effort u pit in your business, im so much motivated from you to start my own thing and deliver my ideas to people a deatiled guide will really help me achieve that thankyou :)

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