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The Rush

The Rush

Why is it so addicting to drive with friends?

Why is it a rush to do the simplest things especially when you are around all the boys. A little race or a fast turn together is something no other person would be interested in or even think about but for us doing the smallest things with our cars and friends is just always a good time.

The smallest thing of meeting with friends in a carpark and just talking during the night is so strangely therapeutic. I imagine someone who isn’t interested in cars would think that just driving to a spot and talking with friends is a stupid thing to do.

So why is this such a big part of the automotive culture scene?

Going to events and meets, meeting new people, catching up with old friends and the ones you see every day are all examples of the amazing social side that comes with this scene. People meet Instagram friends in real life and it’s like you have been friends for years.

Such a passionate association instantly makes your relationship much stronger straight away. Psychologically wise, experiencing adrenaline with someone is one of the best and most “intimate” emotions to share. As nasty as the word intimate sounds with the boys it’s true.

This ultimately means that every time you race, speed, drift and mess around with friends and strangers you instantly gain a connection that people would normally have to skydive or do something super illegal to achieve. Realistically, every one of you breaks the law every day some of you every time your car is on the road and sharing that with friends is unfortunately the most enjoyable thing, it’s kind of worth the cop attention. 

So to all you fellas driving hard Friday and Saturday nights, stay safe, look after your friends and have fun. I don’t think we will be able to do this for much longer, laws will change and police will adapt so make the most of it while you can! 

Merry Christmas to all of you! 💕💕

Photos are from @jeckyboii Instagram page and features:

@mlnium_ (millennium green 180sx)

@mikeyzu222 (Blue S15 Silvia)

@15papi (Silver S15 RIP)

@2jjosh (Black Supra)


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