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The Small Passenger

The Small Passenger

The New Japanese Domestic Market Accessory by DASAI

I always get asked why and how I created the Small Passenger. The simple answer is a trip to  Japan and a rental car with an ETC was the inspiration behind Dasai and the Small Passenger. Small Passengers (SP) is the first of its kind in this industry and I have the amazing opportunity to say it is the original of its kind. 

I have seen many repeats of products in Japanese automotive culture and I was/am  so excited to bring a new cool thing to the scene. Dasai is still very unknown but is quickly growing and more and more people are letting me know how much they like SP's and the ideas behind Dasai and I am so appreciative of every supporter.

The SP is aimed to give drivers something fun to interact with as they get in their cars. I personally have experienced rough morning and night drives and hopefully a cute funny voice can cheer you up and make you appreciate the car you have worked hard to own and drive. Often times people take their car and passion for granted and the Small Passenger is aimed to remind you of this amazing machine that is yours to drive, thrash, break, fix, love and hate. 

Upgrade The Scene

I see many many modifications and customisations in all cars especially the JDM scene. People love having unique accessories and fun, stupid things in their cars. I wanted new items, lights, sounds and fun things to make your car more your own. The Small Passenger and upcoming Mecha Heart are the two main items Dasai wants to push into the market for people that like flashy lights and sounds with their machines. 

Articles 記事

The Dasai Articles are aimed to showcase my viewpoints, interviews with car owners, brand highlights and product reviews. With superstreet getting rid of physical copies of their magazines I think people love the aesthetic aspect of magazines and photographs within them. Showing off well deserved builds and hard work by many people in the scene. The Dasai Articles will be progressed in the future as it is one of my main projects right now.


In an overall sense,  I am very excited for the future of Dasai and its followers. I am excited for future meets, events, tours, products and new things I can bring to the scene as I believe we are due for a good change and refreshing things for the Japanesee automotive industry. Thank you all. 

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Style スタイル

Style スタイル



The Rush

The Rush


Elijah Butac

I have a 2019 Civic Hatchback sport and I ordered small passenger for my car. But I can’t seem to get it to work. Need a guide or something to install this but I can’t find the correct answer

John Durante

Bought a first gen which broke, was sent a replacement…. Which also broke…..


Hello! I hope you are having a great day! Does the dasai small passenger will ever come back to stock? I am super interested in buying one. Have a nice day! Thanks you!

German Jalil

When will the SP come back to stock? I would LOVE to have one!


Yo, I want to buy 2 small passengers for the exact reason you created them, but I just want to know if there’s any reviews as far as durability/longevity if it ever has had any problems like that.

Thanks for reading this.

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