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What Happened To Racing Teams?

What Happened To Racing Teams?

I ran into a Japanese restaurant owner the other day, a mutual friend, she began to tell me about her cars back in Japan she used to have and told me about her drift team.

"Just street drifters" she said, nothing serious. 

She showed me some photos of her old team, a group of girls that would go out together when their boyfriends/husbands would go out for drinks after work or dinner. They would take their spare time to the streets of outer Tokyo and Osaka. She continued to show me older photos of her team, their cars and their team stickers, she showed me her tier sticker as she was the leader of the team. They used to dabble in street racing but they mostly raced eachother for fun and did "style runs" along mountain passes. 

She then told me about the different teams and how the best drivers of each area would have their team sticker on certain signs in areas and how new members would have "baby stickers" and would work their way up in the team and prove their driving skill. 

This got me thinking, we hear about all of these amazing stories of all these older teams and generations proving themselves in the car community and really creating something cool. What happened there? When did we go from fun teams driving together having fun racing others to creating cars for instagram and for show? 

Laws may have cracked down a little since then but that didn't stop people back then. 

This 30 minute conversation with the cafe owner inspired me to start the Dasai racing team and the five stages that will come with it for initial members. A real team of drivers that actually want a tighter community with their cars, not going to a carpark meet and talking to random people and walking around but actually making friends online and in person and driving together as a collective. 

The Dasai Racing Team isnt for everyone and the first baby member sticker will be available for everyone but as the team grows and more members join, you may see a car on the road with the stage 4 sticker and you will know they are a driver that loves their craft and there is a friend already. 


Will consist of a few members that are people who really enjoy the spirit of driving. I will be attempting each stage aswell to show my part in the team. As the team settles in and baby and senior members are established more challenges will be released and more spots will open up to create a tight community and team!


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DASAI BTS & The Future

DASAI BTS & The Future

Ask Brand Owners How They Are Going.

Ask Brand Owners How They Are Going.





I would definitely be a part of this movement. I agree that social media has steered is in the wrong direction. Bring back the old school racing team community.

Christopher Matteau

Hell yeah! This story is great and definitely ready to be a part of this team🤘🏻


I’m so ready, can’t wait to get with some real street guys

AJ Fernandez

Once i get more money im definitely going all in on this :)

Joaquin Flores

Stoked for this. Gonna have to change my plans and do a touge build instead. Let’s get it dasaijp community!

Logan Foyle

I’m so ready for this I love it

Zachary Compagnon

Is this an international team? I’m in atlantic canada with my ma70 supra, I’d love to be a part of this!! Driving for me is like nothing else!


My early 60s fiat and I may not be very quick in a straight line, or around corners for that matter, but a community of enthusiasts that drive for the sake of driving would be the best thing ever


Me and my S2000 are ready and fired up to go and represent on the touge and track!

Arthur Carrillo

Sign me up! I’ve got my R33 ready to go!

Shy Rin

Oh man!! Hopefully have an awesome team across the sea, US and nationwide Hopefully! :3 would be quite motivating.

Jonathan Enciso

How does one join? I have my TE72 ready for a drive.

Ian Judson

Where do I sign up!


Sign me the fuck up! This sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to see how this turns out!


I’m all about this, being that this isn’t blocking off and fooling around in the middle of a busy intersection/highway. Though I may not be the fastest in a straight line with my little EK, you can bet on me being able to hold corners 😁


Boys and girls…. Start your engines 😏

Austin Chan

These are the same questions I’ve been asking myself for years and during all that time I thought I was the odd one for turning a blind eye to our American “street takeover” and Instagram stance group scenes.
Bring back driving enthusiasm! I will definitely take part in this anyway I can with my less than desirable SW20


Awesome post, can’t wait to be a part of this!


Sign me up for a racing team! 💖 would love to be the first itasha car featured on the team

Matt Linnane

Hey Remy, loved the artical and you are not wrong would be nice to see the car scene get back to how it was. I remember going out every thursday night racing and hanging out trying to drum up work for the shop and getting people intereste in the scene. Im keen to be part of the dasai racing team, along with trying to help out more on the discord.

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