Why Susweeb is the Biggest Hustler in the Game

Why Susweeb is the Biggest Hustler in the Game


An Instagram page updated daily filled with motivation, inspiration, new products and ideas. Susweeb’s steady growing fan base sees daily posts, product updates and messages from the brand. There is not a day that passes on my Instagram when the name Susweeb doesn’t show up on my screen.

At almost 20k followers on Instagram Susweeb appears to be working at a rapid pace to create big releases filled with brand new designs very often. Many brands have one or two of these things but being able to process all three at once means real upcoming competition for the big brands.

Susweeb has been creating and processing triple layered diecut designs for the past few months with successful releases during every version. Whilst keeping originality of stickers, clothing and accessories, Susweeb creates unique products and keeps a high standard of quality. 

Susweeb Triple Layered Diecut 

I am a very big fan of the Triple Layered Diecuts that Susweeb has recently released and continued to design along side @ntrl.ai // these diecuts are a unique product to Susweeb and I love being able to see a product and instantly associating a brand to it without seeing any brand name.

Susweeb and @ntrl.ai have created a new genre of sticker which focuses more on design and aesthetic colouring rather than a basic fun or meaningful message/design on a rectangular sticker. 

I have been a long time follower of Susweeb long before Dasai existed and he is one of the reasons I started my business and strive to this day to make it one of the biggest. Susweeb’s constant updates and communication to his followers make it impossible to forget his name. As an established business, his shipping packages and designs in all aspects of his business are often over looked like many others but have obviously been thought through and designed meticulously.

As you receive your latest Susweeb merchandise, I advise keeping the packaging for collection and appreciation. Hard work has been put into every aspect of Susweeb from products and packaging to the website and photography. 

I want to thank Susweeb for helping me with information and the right words to hear when I came to him to pick his brain. Not everyone can build, grow and sustain a business especially in this industry. If you don’t already, follow @susweeb.jp on Instagram and support his brand, a lot of brainpower and hard work has gone into making one of the fastest growing automotive culture brands on Instagram.


Enjoy your week !! - Dasai ^_^

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