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The original Bosozoku Rebels.

Remy had the chance to speak to Riku Yamato. A member of the Kaminari Zoku. Japan's Original Bosozoku. 

After having a conversation about gang loyalty, original japanese road culture, drifting, bosozoku culture's impact on today's automotive culture and many more topics. Remy was given the opportunity to express Kaminari Zoku's core values through Gekko Panels and NOW the Rebel Steering Wheels!

Yamato sans one most important value was loyalty and trust in his circle inside and out of the Kaminari. Remy shared his thoughts and they agreed on "TRAITORS WILL DIE" to be the slogan of the Rebel Themed Releases. 

The Rebel Steering Wheel will be the last item in this catalogue. Limited items were manufactured and imported.

- 350mm Diameter

- 6 Bolt Stud Pattern 

- Parallel Spoke Slices Clean Design


- Horn Button Included!

- Leather base with Embroidery

- "REBEL SERIES" Official Design