Year of Japan

During 2018-2019 Remy spent some time Japan and encountered the ETC Card reader in his car. The card reader made some noise and said "Please insert toll card" in Japanese and this inspired him to make a version of this that made cool sounds and sayings.

This started the brand "Dasai" which means lame/uncool.

Dasai was started to create a brand new culture. One not revolving around whether something is cool or not but just if you genuinely like it.

2018 was spent developing the software and hardware of the first ever Small Passenger. This took Remy a really long time to learn coding, software, soldering and electronics from scratch

Year of the Small Passenger

After 6-8 months of development, Remy finally finished the first ever hand made, hand soldered small passengers, these were made of microchips and a speaker glued into a plastic box from a local electronics store.

The speaker holes were drilled into the small passengers and all of them were coded individually.

Remy released 10 Small Passengesr for the first release and successfully completed his first release of Dasai!

The Year of Growth

Remy developed his own box with speaker holes and continued to hand make thousands of Small Passengers for the Dasai Community.

The first Special edition Small Passengers and the MECHA HEART were released in the first half of 2020!

Year of Growth

The first version of Mochi was created.

Handmade, coded and developed, Mochi was made to be a little buddy for your car!

Mid 2020 was the first ever release of caseless mochi's. Just exposed wiring and some faces. The Dasai community quickly fell in love with the little guy.

Year of Growth

The first mochi helmet was 3d printed and then painted to give mochi a little helmet/head!

This was the time that Mochi was born as a character and Remy planned out how mochi will become one of the worlds most liked little characters.

During this time the first idea of a gundam mochi hybrid and heaps of other variations was born!

Year of Concepts

The mochi helmets were mass manufactured and released to public along with other Dasai merchandise, small passengers and mecha heart!

During this time Remy started working on making mochi better and started developing a better version in his new Dasai shop.

The first Dasai Gekko panels were released early 2021!

The Gekko series was a massive concept finally finished and released to the Dasai community!

During this time, Remy was driving the FD RX7 everyday to a post office 1 hour away to ship off every order made.

Year of Ultimate

The Ultimate Specifiation Small Passenger was released with light up parts, a track bar, multiple tracks and sounds on it and so much more function than previous versions!

This was the first product of Remy's new development capability and Dasai's newest showcase concept.

Year of Grinding

Mochi was a crowd favourite in 2022 with the first edition of the RX Helmet being released and many different colour helmets throughout the year.

Throughout the whole year Remy was developing Mochi 2 software and hardware planning to release Mochi Version 2 in 2023!

At the end of 2022 the first ever Mochi 2 was made and the development was finished!

The Year of Mochi

2023 is the year Mochi 2 was released to the Dasai community!

With multiple releases selling out in under 2 minutes Mochi 2 has been a culture shift for Dasai and the future of the brand!

Bosozoku Mochi and RX-MOCHI Limited were released in 2023 to start the series of limited edition mochi variations!

This year Dasai also held the first every Barnfind Battle Royale concept

Remy also opened up a brand new warehouse in USA to help with all of the shipping times!

The Year of Dasai

This year is the year a lot of Dasai Developments will finally be released!

Dasai has been developing unreleased products since 2022.

Dasai will also release a lot of other concepts you have never heard of!

2024 - The year of Dasai.