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What is Dasai?


Dasai is the original digital dress up brand. The Small Passenger was the first creation by Dasai in 2018 and since then has been a roadmap of various new digital creations with many more to come! 

Dasai was started by Remy to create a new culture in the automotive culture space. The industry was filled with merchandise and stickers, this created an opportunity for Remy to create new products and concepts in the industry that haven’t been seen before. 

Dasai was created to break the wall in the automotive industry that was just a brand selling an item. Dasai was created to create a community that fuses car culture and lifestyle adaptations. These two mixed with digital design would create a unique brand that can create new products and concepts that no one has seen before. 

Giving back to the community has always been a key concept behind Dasai. The BSC (Build Support Concept) was created to give back to the Dasai community by gifting parts/money to support their car builds. 

Dasai has many more new concepts that are being developed in the next few years as the brand and community grows!



Concepts started developing in late 2018 in Sydney, Australia. The Small Passenger was developed after Remy took a trip to japan and noticed the ETC Toll Card Reader that was in his rental. He noticed that these were being resold for $120 USD and thought, I could make something way cooler for half of the price so people can enjoy it without the gross price tag! 


3-4 months of development went by and the first Small Passenger release went live with 10 available! The Small Passenger was the only product until the Mecha Heart was developed late 2019 along with Mochi shortly after alongside merchandise and other items


Dasai focused on building the brand, improving products and building solid foundations for the brand’s sustainability and the Dasai community. The Cold Mecha Heart was released and development for the Mochi helmet/Mecha Heart Case started.

The research and development for the version 2 Small Passenger started half way through 2020 to create a better quality SP and to stop hand making each one as it became way too tedious to hand solder and glue every Small Passenger. 


Dasai made the move from bedroom to warehouse. The first Dasai Shop was born! The Gekko Panel was developed in house and had its first release in 2021. Gekko technology also introduced the development and design of the Blinker Kit.

The Small Passenger version 2 development finished and the first release went live winter 2021. These original items started the next phase of Dasai Digital with new technology being released to the community and new development starting.

The Mochi Helmet finished development and multiple colour variations were released.

Further Gekko Panel research and development lead to the Activate Gekko Series going live with new animated Panels and better quality Gekko! 

At the end of 2021 Dasai released the Limited Lover Gekko Series with a new developed finish.


2022 is planned to be Dasai's biggest year of development, brand growth and community growth. The past 2 years have been spent developing Dasai and sharing new concepts to the community. 2022 is about refining the brand, developing cooler concepts and researching new technology that can be brought to automotive culture to continue shaping this hobby towards its future. 

2022 TBC ~

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