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Start a Business... Seriously...

Start a Business... Seriously...

One of the most difficult, frustrating, challenging, yet amazing, liberating and smartest things I have personally ever done is launching Dasai.

Throughout younger years I was and still am constantly looking for smart or mostly stupid business ventures and/or opportunities. I have created many businesses before Dasai but it only takes one to succeed. I don't say I run a successful business because I am constantly struggling and persevering with Dasai. But I am not one to likely ever think Dasai is successful. I know a few friends I have met through the brand that share the same mindset and as self destructing as it is... it is honestly the best. 

My personal views, Dasai aside, is that no matter how much work you put into your salary job you get the same hourly pay. You have the hardworking coworker and the lazy coworker that get the same payroll every week. Sure there are promotion opportunities for those that work hard but that aside the salary system does not appeal to me unless I really enjoy the work. None of the above is aimed towards anyone that loves their work/job/career. If you are lucky enough to wake up every morning doing something you love then you are above all of this! ^_^

The difference between salary work and your own small business is that in this culture, the harder you work the more you get out of it. This can be applied to social media growth as well. You see people that work hard to constantly release instagram content daily or multiple times per day and it increases their following rapidly. If you are not mainly interested in your audience or are not stressed about social media growth you can relax in that aspect. A small business includes all of these aspects, social media growth, website design, marketing, product design and constant business growth. 

You have freedom to work as hard as you want to achieve your desired outcome.


@nightrunnerinternational ^

I see many people in the automotive scene creating stickers or small stores or selling clothing/merchandise and some of them continue their small hobby and transform it into a structured business. I think anyone in the automotive scene especially in the japanese automotive culture love stickers and accessories and i am sure all of you can think of an amazing looking sticker or decal that you have never seen before. So what is stopping you from creating this design and selling them to your followers. You do not need a website or a structured sales process if you do not wish to start with this. You can tell people to DM you and you will send the stickers to them in the mail. 

Type into Google: Sticker printing near me

This will show you printers near or far from your location. AWSTICKERS, PhancyShop, Ozstickerprinting (For you all in AUS) will print almost any artwork you give them!

Struggling to find inspiration or lack design skills for your idea? Go on to or find someone on instagram to commission your artwork. 

There is nothing stopping you from selling your designs and your ideas. The automotive scene needs new ideas, products and accessories. This one sticker you sell to 20 people can blow up to being your own brand and for those of you that do not enjoy your jobs and your day to day work schedule these small businesses can easily sustain your lifestyle. 

@tougedreamers ^

I have a lot of you messaging me asking for advice and direction for your brands and I love helping every one of you, I am always available to talk to you all and help getting your ideas out there for everyone to see. 

If you have ever been interested in your own business ventures instagram is one of the best platforms to get your profile/products/ideas out there. is a free website. The worst thing that can happen is the brand does not kick off and the only reason that will happen is because you have given up too early. 

Message me on instagram Dasaijp if you would like any assistance with starting up and good luck!

EDIT: I have just realised I only narrowed down to the automotive scene. Do this with your other hobbies too! ^_^

Cover photo is @austeeeezy's RX7

Hope everyone has a great week !!


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Thank you for giving me the confidence to take a chance, I just started my business on the 24th of Sept and already I sent out my first order today and I have three other orders to fulfill by next week. Thanks !


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