One Stack To Blow Up Your Automotive Brand

One Stack To Blow Up Your Automotive Brand

Only $1000? or OMG $1000 !

$1000 is a very variable amount of money for many of you across many different countries and currencies. $1000 is either accessible or a hustle to obtain. 

$1000 can initiate, build and explode your brand and this isn't some guru make 1 million dollars program this is a few facts that can drive you to turn your hobby into a business. 

DASAI started with a $40 investment to create my first product the "Small Passenger". From there I created a preorder to those who were interested in my product which meant no initial money down from me at all. A free website and free social media marketing (instagram posts) gave me enough exposure to make an astounding 10 sales on my first release! Now this was huge for me at the time and I thought to myself, 'woah. Ten people want my cool little box!' I thought Dasai was at its peak...

Little did I know what it would be like now xD

What I am trying to say is that Dasai started from nothing, every brand you follow and love on instagram started from nothing and they are where they are today not because of their skill, knowledge and raw talent but because of their drive and resilience. The ones that are not successful are those who give up. 


Learn From My Mistakes

I did not put money into my business when I first started as I was skeptical to how it would perform and I personally had an emotional attachment to money that I quickly had to shrug off ASAP! After slowly investing into my business I noticed more and more growth and it is often an aspect many beginners do not think of and causes a huge roadblock in any growing brand. You have to spend money to make money. That is probably the most truthful thing I have learnt in business since starting Dasai.

One advertisement is the same amount of money as a big mac meal, which one is more important to you? 


A Bit Of Maths

SO. $1000... What can that get me?

$1000 can create one ad on instagram that exposes your post to 100,000 to 250,000 people in one single day. Now this may be a smart thing for some people but for most it wouldnt be the best idea. Marketing is definitely an insanely important aspect of growing your social media presence, sales and overall brand exposure but your $1000 can be better spent to grow your business and scale to your own ability. 

$1000 - $25-50 = $950

Spend some time creating a nice logo for your brand. Go to fiverr and hire a graphic designer to help you for a few bucks! A logo that is distinguishable and "cool" will get you 1000x further than anyone making one in microsoft word. 

$950 - $50 = $900

Build your website on either Shopify or bigcartel. Dasai started on bigcartel and is now on shopify due to shopify just being the better of the two but shopify does have a monthly subscription fee. Create an appealling website and again hire a freelancer to assist you in designing your website because an ugly website wont attract anyone!

$900 - $300 = $600

Design some decals for your brand as this is a simple item to start selling to represent your brand/business or team! Get them printed! Look online for sticker printers or contact printers on instagram that work exclusively with automotive brands! I want to plug @awstickers and @superwowfactory because they create amazing designs and have quality prints. 


Now You're Rolling

By now, you have a few sticker designs, a sweet logo, a nice website and hopefully a little instagram page running! 


Hashtag your life away and get some exposure for your brand! Tell your friends and even message people showing them your designs! 

Absolute A Grade Tip: As a brand with little to no reputation, customers will be drawn to cooler designs over your brand name on a slap. No one really thinks the word "supreme" looks cool, they just like the brand behind it! So create some cool looking designs to make people want to represent your designs on their vehicles!

You have $600 left and hopefully you have sold some products to have a bit more! Rinse and repeat with decals and other products you think of! 

What can I do with $600... Have a peak at instagram marketing and promotions. Experiment with audiences and figure out what works for you! Create an advertisement that is $10 a day and focus it on accounts that like cars and the industry. You will hopefully gain new followers and new customers and from there you will do nothing but grow. 

The rest of the money is yours to dip into buying more products, brand appearence, marketing or designing new products.

If you have the interest in turning your automotive hobby into a potential business or brand, do it. You will hit roadblocks and you will need to learn more and more everyday but who knows, you might end up being able to spend your days working on your car and your brand instead of waiting to get home from work to look at your bumper scuffs and cry. 

This is a very simple little Article to give those of you interested a little kick in the right direction as I know how difficult it is to get going. I hope this can give you a push to start and I love seeing all the projects many of you are working on and growing!

My DMs are always open for advice to those who are starting their journey or are in need of some help for their brands! GOODLUCK AND DRIVE SAFE !

~ Remy ^_^

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