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- 8 X 10.5 CM DECAL 




Dasai Racing Team is the upgrade the car scene has been waiting for and I am confident that this community is going to thrive and grow into an insane group of people that are truly passionate about cars and how fun they can be.


The automotive scene is about self expression, community and most important of all... skids and racing.


This is where Dasai Racing Team (DRT) comes in.


Your DRT journey starts as a Baby Member, as you level up you will have access to the next level sticker and with that, a better status in DRT which is the easiest road to milf town. Level ups also allow access to other items that will only be accessible to certain Levels.


So how do I level up and get the milfs?


Levelling up in DRT is an organic process - Post photos/videos of your car drving/drifting/parked/racing (all legally of course) and you will accumulate points and be personally invited to Level Up by Dasai. Posts in the DRT Discord Community also counts towards Levelling Up. Thats it! Show off your hobby, join in with friends and other DRT members and you will naturally level up by showing your love for these disgusting machines.


"Any requests to level up or spamming of content will be ignored"


Joining DRT will also give you access to the Discord Community to share real driving, "track only" (I legally have to say that) without worrying about instagram censorship. DRT will also share builds, advice, banter and of course some gaming to create a community of likeminded people that enjoy the hobby of cars in a true form.


Automotive culture has become less about the driving and more about the cars. This is the opposite of DRT's direction. Any car can enter DRT because I have personally seen DC2 Integra drivers drift better that S15 drivers so your car doesn't show any skill. Your driving does.


Thank you for joining DRT, enjoy the community and the adventure and if you have any questions or need any help throughout the process I will be in the DRT Discord everyday talking to all of you!